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"One Cup at a Time"


The Ice Blocks team is pleased to announce San Francisco's cult favorite Philz Coffee will be joining Block Three of the development in late spring of 2017. Founded in SF's Mission District, Philz’ now boasts nearly 40 stores in California and Washington D.C. This will be Philz’ first store in the Sacramento region.

Philz has developed a cult following over the past 25 years for its unique approach to coffee, and if you’ve visited one of their locations, you’ll know why. Its “One Cup at a Time” approach allows Philz to craft a perfect cup to your individual taste. You won’t find any lattes, cappuccinos, espressos, or pre-brews at Philz. Instead, you'll find over 20 customized blends made from high quality beans from around the world.
Founded by Phil Jaber with his son Jacob, now CEO, by his side, Philz has succeeded phenomenally by sticking to its roots. To learn more about Philz Coffee, please visit

“The best coffee is the coffee that comes to your own personal taste” - Phil Jaber

The Philz Story

California Roasted
Here at Philz, we roast our own coffees at our roasting plant in Oakland, California.

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Over twenty roasts available, plus specialty coffees, teas and food

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