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Pressed Juicery team is dedicated to creating attainable and affordable nutrient-rich juice, as they believe that wellness is a right, not a luxury. Pressed Juicery juices are made from 100% fruits and vegetables, never contain additives and are cold-pressed using a custom hydraulic press to gently extract the maximum vitamins and minerals from fresh produce.

Pressed Juicery has over 45 retail locations and offers nationwide shipping. The brand has also successfully introduced innovative product extensions including 2 oz. functional shots and Freeze, the brand’s vegan, gluten-free, dairy free frozen dessert, made from only the ingredients found in the juices, proving that healthy and great taste don’t have to be mutually exclusive.

Pressed Juicery will open at Ice House in Summer 2017.


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Sun 8am - 8pm
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In addition to fruit and vegetable juices, Pressed offers coffee blends, filtered waters and more.

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