Human-grade food for man's best friend


Healthy Hounds Kitchen shares a love and passion for dogs and their mission is to make sure they provide a healthy, balanced diet for canine family members. The brand has a simple philosophy that wellness begins with a healthy lifestyle and a wholesome and nutritious diet – they believe that their dogs, and yours, deserve that level of care and attention. After all, a healthy hound is a happy hound.

Healthy Hounds Kitchen opened their doors in East Sacramento in 2016 and has been serving its canine customers high-quality, balanced dog food and tasty treats ever since. All of the food and treats begin with USDA meat and produce, and they've even partnered with local merchants such as the highly praised rice farm Rue & Forsman Ranch. Their open kitchen is a testament to their philosophy and their customer focus. They believe that you should know exactly what you’re feeding your dogs, so they welcome you (and your dogs) to visit their kitchen and see just what goes into our meals, from preparation to cooking to packaging.

Healthy Hounds Kitchen will open a Retail Location at the Ice Sheds in Summer 2018 where you'll be able to find all of their delicious offerings.

To learn more about Healthy Hounds Kitchen, please visit
Phone: 916-346-4416
Facebook: Healthy Hounds Kitchen
Instragram: @healthyhoundskitchen

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